Finding vertex from vertex form

In this quick video I explain how to find the vertex of a parabola when the equation is in factored form.

Vertex Form of Quadratic Equation

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How to Find Vertex of a Parabola?

How do I find the vertex in a vertex form? Vertex form is y = a (x - h)² + k The vertex is located at (h,k) so if you have -2 (x + 3)² + 6, rewrite so the (x + 3) is written as a subtraction problem, now

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Vertex Form: What Is It? How Do You Calculate It?

Find the vertex of a parabola from the equation y = x2 - 3x + 1. Solution: The equation is in standard form so: Step 1: Identify the elements. a = 1 b = -3 c = 1 Step 2: Put the values in the

Finding the vertex of a parabola in standard form (video)

How to find the vertex of a parabola in vertex form 76,219 views Aug 31, 2012 👉 Learn how to graph quadratic equations in vertex form. A quadratic equation is an equation of the form
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Vertex Form Calculator

Let's walk through an example of converting an equation from standard form to vertex form. We'll start with the equation y = 7 x 2 + 42 x − 3 14 . The first thing you'll want to do is move the constant, or the term without an x

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