How to condense a logarithm

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Condensing Log Expressions

Condense the logarithmic expression log 3 x + log 3 y – log 3 z into a single logarithm. Solution. Let’s group the terms that are to be added up first, then condense them by

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Condense logarithmic expressions

In our next few examples we will use a combination of logarithm rules to condense logarithms. Example: Using the Product and Quotient Rules to Combine Logarithms Write

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Expanding and Condensing Logarithms

= log 2 (x 3) βˆ’ log 2 ((x + 3) 4) + log 2 (y) Then I'll put the added terms together, moving the one minus term to the end of the string: log 2 ( x 3 ) βˆ’ log 2 (( x + 3) 4 ) + log 2 ( y )