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And there is options that is pretty cool is to explain to you how he got the answers by steps, this app helped me out greatly i originally used photomath but it doesnt always give you the right answer, this app is legit, i dont usually rate apps because i think its a waste of my time, but this app is amazing.

Kenneth Richardson

This is an amazing app it helps so much and I also like the function for when you get to take a picture its really helpful and it will make it much more faster than writing the question. It helps me a lot in my lessons. For simple problems this is the best.

James Moody

This a app is absolutely wonderful! It really helps me when I am struggling with difficult math questions, i think they should make an app that helps you with science, reading, history etc.

Michael Broman

Interval Notation and Set Builder Notation Calculator

The interval notation calculatorexpresses the inequality based on the chosen topology and determines the distance between any two values. The number line for the interval

Function Calculator

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