How to use compatible numbers to estimate the quotient

In this blog post, we will be discussing How to use compatible numbers to estimate the quotient.


Topic 5.1: Using Compatible Numbers To Estimate Quotients

Answer: The first fraction is between 27 and 28, closer to 28. The second fraction is between 3 and 4, closer to 4. Compatible numbers in division are numbers that can be

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How Do You Estimate a Quotient Using Compatible Numbers?

How do you use compatible numbers to estimate quotients with decimals? Answer: The estimated quotients of 4,189 and 6.3 are 700. Each factor was changed to a compatible

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Grade 5 Estimating Quotients Using Compatible Numbers

First convert the prices involved to compatible numbers: $0.99 is close to $1, so 2 candy bars is ~$2 $1.69 is close to 1.7 and 1.39 is close to 1.3, so the bag of chips and apple are ~$3 The

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4th Grade Math 4.5, Estimate Quotients Using Compatible

Summary. Compatible numbers are numbers that are close to the numbers they're replacing that divide evenly into each other. The quotient is the result you get when you divide. 56,000 is
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5th Grade Math 2.5, Estimate with 2-digit Divisors

Estimating quotients (video)

After all, when dividing a decimal by a whole number, how can you estimate a quotient using a compatible number? We use the following procedure when dividing a decimal by a whole

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