How to find the common difference of a geometric sequence

This can be a great way to check your work or to see How to find the common difference of a geometric sequence.

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Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences

It is simply calculated by taking the difference between the second term and the first term in the arithmetic sequence or the difference between the third term and the second

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What is Common Ratio Formula?Examples

We know that in a geometric sequence, a term (a n) is obtained by multiplying its previous term (a n - 1) by the common ratio (r). So by the recursive formula of a geometric sequence, the n th

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Geometric Sequences and Sums

S_n = a [ (r^n-1)/ (r-1)] if r > 1 and r ≠ 1. S_n = a [ (1 – r^n)/ (1 – r)] if r the common ratio is r = l / [r (n – 1)]. The sum of infinite
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Terms of Geometric Sequences

This means that the common ratio of this geometric sequence is 3. To find the next two terms, we simply multiply 18 by 3 and do the same for the next term. 18 × 3 = 54 54 × 3 = 162. Now